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Preparing for a Digital Future Seminar

Preparing for a Digital Future Seminar

Digital and technological advances continue to alter and shape customer expectations, whether they are students, members, or donors. But when so much of the future of digital remains unknown, how do you develop a long-term strategy for success?

An effective digital strategy brings many benefits, from improved acquisition and greater retention, to increased revenue. This must incorporate a thorough understanding of your organisation and its target audiences in the wider context of the market, while placing your customers at the centre of decision making. It should inform the implementation of technology in such a way that allows for flexibility and agility, in order to ensure it can stand up to future requirements.

At Precedent, we have worked with many organisations across a range of sectors over the years, and have found them to be as varied as you might imagine. However, we’ve also found countless similarities in the challenges experienced. We’ve created a framework that responds to these recurring themes, illustrating what we believe to be the best approach to laying a future-ready digital strategy and delivering experiences that delight your audiences.

This May, our ‘Preparing for a Digital Future’ seminar will break down our BELONG framework into the key steps involved in successfully future-proofing your digital activities, exploring the global trends and emerging norms that are catalysts for change. Hear best-practice advice from Precedent’s client services director, Cory Hughes, and digital experience consultant, Michael Frantzis. Our speakers will also be joined by Hart Square’s client services director, Allen Reid, who will explain how to ensure your organisation is ready to begin a digital project.


Arrival, registration and breakfast

Seminar presentation (part 1)

  • The landscape: global trends and emerging norms
  • The opportunity: five steps to success

Refreshments break


Seminar presentation (part 2)

  • The opportunity: five steps to success (continued)
  • Getting it right: how to begin

Register for the seminar

Where and When?

Date: Tuesday 23 May, 2017
Time: 8.30-11am
Location: One Alfred Place, 1 Alfred Pl, Fitzrovia, London WC1E 7EB


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